Electrostatic Levitation Lab

Iowa State University Department of Physics and Astronomy


Iowa State ESL: Silicon

Melting Silicon. While a good degree of undercooling was observed, watch for some interesting growth after recalescence!

ESL @ ISU - 50-50 Co-Pd recalescence

50% Cobalt 50% Palladium alloy showing undercooling and recalescence phenomena

ESL @ ISU - Hematite cube levitation

Here is an interesting launch and levitation of a hematite cube with a hole in it.

ESL @ ISU - Real Time Control

This video showcases some of the real time control options available

ESL @ ISU - Cube Stability

In this video you can see how samples become progressively more stable as the samples move to lower energy positions.

ESL @ ISU - Launch Failure

While we hope that every launch and levitation is succesful, but sometimes it just doesn't work out.

ESL @ ISU - Ge Premelt

Premelt of a raw chunk of high purity germanium into a more usable shape, with a very cool growth front.

ESL @ ISU - Fe-C Solidification

Solidification of an Fe-C alloy and an intriguing mode of growth.